kelli p.

Thanks for seeing me last week and giving your thorough diagnosis! It’s a joy to have a doctor nowadays who will talk to you! Keep up the good work, Love and prayers.

Amazing Hip Surgeon

The orthopedic surgeon performed hip surgery on my, No complications. The orthopedist is a class act, simply the best! Beautiful NYC office and great staff. Thank you.


Excellent Dr and extremely easy on the eyes

Martial Arts and Yoga Instructor – Personal Trainer

I have only total gratitude and complete respect for Dr. Hanypsiak. I am reminded daily of his expertise – my body is my work and if I had not had such an amazing surgeon I fear I would not be able to do what I love. My work is very physical – it is something I have great passion for – not everyone can say that about their job. My knee required complete ACL construction utilizing the hamstring muscle back in ’08. I have full range of motion and no limitations. Cosmetically, one would never know I had the surgery. I completely endorse Dr. Hanypsiak and as I said – not a day goes by that I do not acknowledge his skill.